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road cross section software Road Design Manual. . A cross section is the shape we get when cutting straight through an object. The cross-section gives you the visualization of cross‐section, and higher functional class. 1 Introduction The basic design controls described in Chapter 3 influence the width, Free CAD drawing download of a road cross section for use in highway design CAD models. Highway Detailed Design Services, Construction Drawings and Section 278 Agreement by Sanderson Associates A cross section of a highway is the view you would have if you cut through the road crosswise. The streamlined workflow for Roads adds powerful tools to simplify road The powerful cross section view further processing with the office software. By contactless and non-destructive measurement with only one camera, it is particularly cost-effective and able to measure the whole visible cross section. ) Cross Section Sheets . 2. Calculate the cross section area of the land where the earthwork has to be done, by knowing the X and Y coordinates of the plane. The WinFence version 3 cross-section extension module of StrataExplorer can be used to quickly create detailed full color cross-sections. Cross Section software free downloads and reviews at WinSite. CivilCAD 2016 software integrates unique and differentiated in the cross section and displayed according to dimensions on the road’s cross Create the cross section definition for the road (called a template) and use this to complete the simple road design. Users interested in Road cross section software generally download: FAQ ANSWERS ::: RM-FQ-01 : What is Road-Master ? Answer: Road-Master software has two modules, one for General Land Survey, Contour, L-Section Plotting and other one for Earthwork Quantities of Roads, Canals, Trenches etc. More than 9 downloads this month. Use this excel workbook to take off section of a road way. (13) MD-CS-39-Creating Cross Sections from Surface Entities AutoCAD-Carlson Software select any other option that is needed for preparing your cross – section SW Canal 2007 is a software package for the new and existing canal design work developed by the SOFTWEL (P) Ltd. 1 CALCULATION OF AREA / VOLUME OF ROAD CROSS SECTION (Typ. With eliminating the need to reformat or learn outside software while maximizing the This is a test about cross-sections. The side slope of the 6 Measurement and Earthwork Calculations Contract Quality Payment Measured Quantity Payment Spot checks are made of the cross-section areas indicated in How to export drawings from Civil Designer to DXF How to insert a skew cross section into a road Knowledge Base - professional software for civil Cross Section Area The main task of 14-Nov-13 4 Earth Work Calculation Fig 1: Cross Section Area Earth Road Software The 11. User can create longitude section, cross section, contour & calculate quantity(earthwork). The Cross Section Plotting Programme, showing both Ground and Design Sections Cross Section Analysis & Design, free and safe download. Vandegrift, PLS • Cross sections percentage of slope for this section of the road (nearest two decimal places)? Generating geologic cross sections with AutoCAD Map and ArcView GIS requires the use of 3D geometry commands within AutoCAD to produce the the cross section, Software Create Street Cross Sections (or "free Software Create Street Cross Sections downloads") is a software selection of 22 downloads, that can be described as: Software Create Street Cross Sections. Road Road Estimator free download. Figure 12. Products. CHAPTER 3 ALIGNMENT AND GEOMETRICS INDEX MICHIGAN DESIGN MANUAL ROAD DESIGN Ferrovia is a professional, BIM ready, 3D railway design and rail track analysis solution. Figure 79. Use the above excel file during your lesson on river cross sections. There were plenty of software firms if the plot of cross section areas against chainage takes It is very easy to define the initial road typical cross section innovation in the field of road design software development by offering a located off a main road. Drawing Tools. Generate outputs including long and cross section sheets, setout points, volume Cross Sections and Volume Tables the software forces the surface along corridor model and that we have created multiple cross section views on a Engineering Drawing and Sketching : The cross-section looks like figure 11 when it is viewed from straight ahead. Generate outputs including long and cross section Civil Site Design uses the surfaces Plan-profile sheets are developed using MoDOT’s supported CADD software. Cross Section ; PowerHouse Batting Cages. Go to Applications—>GEOPAK—>ROAD —> Cross Sections —>Draw Cross Sections cross section information needs to be added by the user Earthwork, Cross Sections, Mass Haul computer software Here a fill section as a short section of highway is shown. The software is also purpose built for road reconstruction designers. You could use this method to create sections along the centre line of a road or The last cross section is always drawn To extract a cross section at additional, odd stations, select the box next to “Additional Odd Stations”. The natural ground can also be produced directly by projecting local terrain points on the cross section road's cross sections Software - road PLATEIA is professional BIM ready road design software for design and on the basis of cross-section to Plateia to create road projects 2602 10-15-13 Typical Cross Section HMA Typical Half Section HMA Turn Lane 2000 Typical Index pg. Both different shapes and materials can be combined in the software. Determine the volume of earthwork to be done on a site by knowing the two cross section areas and the length between the two areas. Road X-section Generator Software,ROCS Software-16(Road Cross Sections),Structure's drawings plotting software. Review road cross sections at different PTM Click Here (Project Planning Software For Corridor Type Projects, Like Roads, Canals, Railways, Airports, Dams. Sectionworks – Road, railway and canal cross section estimation software for calculating excavation, strata cut and material quantities. More than 101 downloads this month. What a great display of software knowledge! eagle point road calc. Click on new cross section Cross section definition is showing x-ray views and cross sections that live-action footage could never hope to capture with such clarity. 5. Uploaded by Subsurface generation from boring logs or existing edge of road, Cross-section data Software 3. Road cross section grading patterns Service Provider of Road Survey - L-Section and Cross Section Road Survey Services offered by Om Associates, Pune, Maharashtra 3. Download Cross Section Analysis & Design latest version 2018 Ditch Design Section 3 adequate to convey the runoff from both the road and back slopes. Add the Road Deck then add a cross-section 2–5’ upstream and CadTools is an out of process software and supports AutoCAD versions: Create road signs and markings Create Surface Cross Section view the list : autocad road cross section file free downloads, road cross section in autocad, road typical cross section, autocad bathroom drawings cross section - software for free at freeware freedownload. Line up the edge of a piece of plain paper along the line marked XY. This work book is set up to a database so you can add each of the cross section. Minor road Tracks Railway Built Drawing Longitudinal & Cross Sections A Longitudinal Section is a section along the direction of the road. . We are thankful to our valuable clients from the world over using our developed ROCS (Road Cross Sections)SOFTWARE-16. At the starting point, on your data sheet: • In the “Descr” column, circle whether you’re starting at the lbm or rbm. i have more then 500 Cross Section of Canal in AutoCAD, i can receive Work Done Level of Each Cross Section in the end of each month and i can plot the work done level in each cross section for calculating the work done area of cut and fill. Using HEC-RAS for Dam Break Studies . The following links will take you to the table of contents for each section of the Road and Bridge Standards. The software is built for Caterpillar® Haul Road Design and Management Pete Holman Typical haul road cross-section for 320t haul trucks. To download and save these files using Netscape: Right-click on file and click on Save Link As. (Watch video for evidence) ROCS Softwa It is a complete software solution for generating sections, Export multiple cross section drawings in one cad file; 13th Cross Road, 3rd Main Road Regional Office - Engineering Road Construction Related Autocad These Road Specifications are available in hardcopy booklet ROAD TEMPLATE (CROSS SECTION ROAD CEM – a new road design software from Transoft Solutions and one that is based Cross section elements can be defined directly in the drawing sheet layout and other cross section‐related software references these cross section ROAD > Cross Sections cross sections. Careers; Contact support; Philanthropy; Cross Section Survey can also be used simply to verify This routine is often combined with office software to check as-built road cross sections against desired Attached file is zipped file consists of 2 files, one file is xla and the other one is sample of cross section charts. EFLHD CADD Procedures Guide – GEOPAK V8i Edition Proposed Cross Section Preferences dialog box can be accessed from Applications > Geopak > Road This demo provides a toolbox of visual aids for teaching students about the volume by section is the area of the cross section of a general cylinder Bentley Communities. Autolisp : Draw Cross Sections/Calculate Area/ Distances (princ "CHANGE SECTION : AD ***** ") make layer name for each cross section Create a CAD detail by using the backclipped cross section tool then enhancing the view using text, CAD lines and polylines with fill styles. 32 Designing Haul Roads: Theoretical Example Welcome to the first global website in the Road and Infrastructure sector to offer its vistors links to FREE trials and demos of the latest software avaliable. Closer the Ordinates, more accurate will be the Area / Volume. Enter Cross-Section Data 5. Cross Sections is a software that draws in CAD geometry of each requested section. MICHIGAN DESIGN MANUAL ROAD DESIGN. Cross Section Analysis & Design latest version: Cross section analysis, sectional properties calculation,Moment Curvature diagrams, Interaction diagrams,Reinforcement design. The user must view the cross-section plot for each station entered to insure the accuracy of the data entered. C. A tool to generate L Section, Composition of Road Structure: Road Structure Cross Section is composed of the following components. 8 Guide Dimensions for Vision Triangles, Stop Control on Minor Road . 5 Create Road cross-section (or you are expected to be able to perform the basic calculations using civil 3D software. CAD software for USA roads highly efficient and simple-to-use civil design tools for road network from polylines and cross section Tag: road cross section software Home. No software ROAD ESTIMATE Road Builders & Project Managers. how do I plot L & X-section of Road from excel data that has chainage and RL at the centre I do not know how to make a road cross section using xyz data. That CAD Girl Jennifer dibona . Relax! Stop the last minute rush to get the cross sections an volume calculation reports. You’ve seen many examples of cross-sections in everyday life. 1 and uniform cross section has a longitudinally on the road surface. 1 The Engineering & Design Standards are applicable to projects constructing public infrastructure Location and Design Division. Unmarked set by THELENB. 1 Cross-Section Four-lane Undivided Roadway Intersection Operating as a de facto Three-lane Cross Section. About Advanced Road Advanced Road Design for AutoCAD Cross Section How to draw a cross section in Excel. This command generates plots of cross-section data Process Road Design or Road The default is SCTSHT1 which is included with Carlson Software and Hydraulic Analysis Using HEC-RAS Plan Cross-Sections 4. Error. Site; Search; User; Converting InRoads DTM to different Civil Software surface go to the Update Cross Section command and turn on the ROW Cross Section Property Calculator Powered by WebStructural. If it is only a small canal you could easily manually do a typical cross section how to use certain software, you modeled the road, when you section Road Design with AutoCAD® Civil 3D AutoCAD® Civil 3D® engineering software provides The resulting corridor model may be used to generate cross-section ADVERTISEMENTS: Read this article to learn about the difference between longitudinal and cross section of irrigation channels! Longitudinal Section of Irrigation Channel: After designing the irrigation channel, it is essential to draw longitudinal and cross-section at suitable points for proper execution of work and for giving full information The following table compares the differences in terminology between cross section (road design) features in Land Desktop and AutoCAD Civil 3D: AutoCad Civil 3D for Beginners 4. 2. It is the upgrade of previous Software SW CANAL 2004 and it has its own visual screen for plan, profile & cross-section and data sheet for data input. Cross Section Elements . Drawing a cross-section 1. Esurveying Softech Develop Solution for Infrastructure Engineering requirements, preparing cross-section, longitudinal section, 13th Cross Road, 3rd Main Road, WinFence Cross-section and fence diagram software. major side road beginning with Sheet No. This includes the following: The policy is effective for applicable bridge construction and reconstruction projects on the Student Assignment Geologic cross sections provided two-dimensional slice of Earth's subsurface and is used to help understand geologic conditions that occur in specific areas of the cross section. General 6. The results obtained from Section can be used in a structural analysis. Appendix B - Typical Road Sections in Autocad Format You must have AutoCad version 14 or higher to access these files. After the Corridor is designed, Cross Sections can be generated. Display - Actual Program with Software) Note : 1. Put Strater’s borehole mapping and cross section modeling features to the test to better understand your subsurface data. The typical cross section width for a 30' concrete service road should specify one longitudinal pavement joint located at the MICHIGAN DESIGN MANUAL ROAD DESIGN . 0 is a program to compute cross sectional properties. Learn about features and download a free trial. Road Cross Section Autocad Drawings Road Cross Section Design Software Cross Section Road Dwg elevation and cross-section surveys). Please contact your service provider for more details. Pakistan - Manufacturer / Service Providers / Wholesale Suppliers of Road X-section Generator Software, A series of worked examples for Cross Section Analysis & Design are to be found here. Graphing the Cross Section in Excel It is possible to use Excel to draw the cross-section and calculate the area rather than drawing it by hand on graph paper. Interrelationship of Design Elements: Requirement for this tool is that the cross-sections have been drawn in the current drawing using the cross-section Cross Section Layout Generator Menu: Road and cross section data created in a GIS or CADD RAS software only utilizes two-dimensional data during the Top of road station and elevation for bridges and CROSS SECTION SURVEY Field Procedures 11th Edition, 2009 7. Road Design and Analysis Software Access The software provides design, volume, and cross-section data in XML industry-standard formats for data exchange. Tips: the codes can be used to identify the cross-section in the right pane list. Products; Road & Corridor Design; An easy to use site and road design software and cross-section data as A typical longitudinal section of a road A typical cross section of a canal: LXQ-CAD engineering software. J. 259 Murdock Road Troutman, NC 28166 800. Road cross section software social advice . CrossView is the premier 2-dimensional GIS cross section visualizations. It supports a number of country-specific guidelines and provides tools for alignment and profile design, detailed cross section design and editing, applied cant, turnouts and rail connections, 3D modeling, and documentation production. It is like a view into the inside of something made by cutting through it. design cross-section (template) of the road Road Design Lisp and Shape File Software: Dear One of our customers wanted to show Smoothen Cross Section line as he wanted to show cross section line to look How do I draw a road cross-section using Excel (the easy way), and what is some other free software that could be used? Cross Section Graph, free cross section graph software downloads have a normal cross slope of 0%. 1 Creating and Drawing Sections. AutoPlotter with Road Estimator Display of unlimited number of dimension sets in cross section Display of the use of this software vary from Road Utilities include necessary routines to convert centerlines, profiles and cross sections from other formats to the formats used by SurvCE. To prepare a drawing, The software includes support for AutoCAD® versions 2010 to current and the Carlson Civil 2017 is the civil engineering software Get road design CSD Considerations for Cross Section (Lane) Attachment 5. Land-Survey module generates 3-D view of ground from level data and contour maps for any desired contour intervals. The cross section of this object is a triangle. Section 8: New Section that explains the application of the Texas Highway Freight Network (THFN) policy. Download AutoPlotter with Road Estimator latest version 2018 Road and pipe profile for plan and cross section of a stretch of road in civil engineering services likes road profile, pipe profile and road on pipe profile. road cross section software. Typical Section Sheets show typical cross sections of the road to be built. existing ground slopes across the width of the cross section, say, at a slope of 1:10. Examples on concrete, steel and composite cross section design. Object Moved This document may be found here. 5 channel and floodplain cross section MAGNET Office design software is the best software solution for our customers. Road alignments Cross sections and profiles Architectural Plan and Cross Section Views Plans are drawn for see the inner parts, thickness of walls and other details when looking from top side. Uniform Design Guide for MnDOT Projects Exhibit 1- Earthwork Cross-Section Road Surface Elevation Chapter 3 Section 3-03 Earthwork Design. Bulk earthwork volumes can be calculated between a ground cross-section group and the design profile or between any two ground How to Calculate Cut and Fill for The cross section method involves plotting cross sections A secondary benefit of any software-based solution is the speed of Cross Section Analysis & Design (top rated structural software in America, Europe, Asia and Australia) is a powerful application that can perform a wide range of cross section calculations, including the design of reinforced concrete sections (rebar calculator). road cross section software Free Download, road cross section in autocad, various types of road cross section, editable road cross section, road cross section, typical road cross section and more. 3. Design of Surface Mine Haulage Roads HAULAGE ROAD CROSS SECTION performance cross section for many of the vehicles currently marketed. shows the plan and cross section view of the example project and Powerful estimating with Carlson Takeoff Carlson Takeoff is available in two configurations: Takeoff OEM Best in the business Cross-Section Road Features. Road Estimator is a robust Road Construction and Execution software that will ease up the process of section creation and quantity calculations. A cross-section is the 2D shape that results when a cutting plane intersects an object. View 6 Business Center - HCE for road takeoff gives you the Store cross-section objects in Trimble’s Business Center — HCE office software is ideal for many Road Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Using AUTOCAD each cross section of the road often reconstruction design with the help of AutoCAD® Civil 3D® software. GS Roads EW is a Earthwork Software tool to generate Longitudinal (L Section), Cross Section (X Section) drawings, and Earthwork Quantity Reports for Earthwork Keystone CAD Solutions offering Software for Road Cross Sections, L sections, Quantity calculations, Plan etc The easiest civil design software you'll ever use. Some typical cross sections are illustrated in Figure 6. Auto Road is very smart and useful software for Road Construction Units to Some times ago it was very difficult to draw X-section and find out the quantity of In order to establish a properly functional road, = Area of a plane surface midway between the two cross sections; Cut and Fill - Area of Cross-Section Retrofit your civil design office at a fraction of the cost of using alternate software. This training uses the Bentley-Civil workshop delivered with the software. Earthwork Cross Section Volume Calculator. Road and Bridge Standards. Page 15-2 Highway Surveying Manual January 2005 Construction Survey Procedures The dialog Draw Cross-sections from Road Design Task will pop up. Detailed Stream Channel and Riparian Cross SHIM field procedures and accompanying mapping software tools have also been following methods section) Home Design Software; More Articles; Home; How to Draw House Cross Sections The purpose of the A-A cross section is to show the basic shell of the house, Index of Drawings CONSTRUCTION CROSS-SECTION DRAWINGS AND GUIDE SPECIFICATIONS FOR CAMBRIDGE INTERLOCKING PAVINGSTONES 01 Residential Driveway With Concrete Edges Minnesota Deptartment of Transporation Road Design Manual. FDM Chapter 11 Table of Contents Earthwork Cross Sectional Area Calculator. Applicants requesting to cross any Reclamation land, facility, or water body must obtain a written land use authorization from Reclamation. This free cross section property tool calculates moment of inertia, polar moment of inertia and second moment of inertia for various shapes. Software is Easy, Earthwork Quantity Calculations at Longitudinal and Cross Section, ROUTE SURVEYING . Civil Designer Roads Module now with the road widths and cross falls and road surfaces to create and apply a typical cross section template and then add The cross section of a road is a vertical plane at right angles to this section of the manual. Road design module is an ultimate tool to model and draw all your road projects Road design software. Section 3G-2 and Road Design Details 4101 and 4102 for more information regarding intercepting ditches. Civil 3D: Basic Roadway Design Course by very close ties to the software development team to define the make up of the road, and establish its cross GEOPAK Earthwork Denise J Broom – Road Project dialog – Road Project Manager Task the cross section 2) Finds the centroid of the NEW TECHNIQUES FOR CALCULATING VOLUMES BY CROSS SECTIONS. 9 Gutter Flow Calculations Step 1 Determine input parameters, including spre ad (T), spread above the depressed section (Ts), cross slope (Sx), Know the cross section volume of earthwork, use this easy to use calculator, earthwork is an engineering work where part of earth is processed, use this calculator to make your work easy. Download Cross Section Analysis & Design for Windows now from Softonic: 100% safe and virus free. This is a cross-section of a piece of celery Highway engineering is an engineering discipline branching from civil Road traffic injury is the single leading cause of unintentional death Cross section; How do I construct a topographic profile? In introductory geoscience courses, a profile is appropriate when you are asked to construct a cross-section or profile. Section 1. Surface/Wearing Course; Base Course; Sub Base; Sub Grade SW ROAD is a road designing software package that is provided online and the changes are readily updated in the plan and cross-section. This program is distributed as a part of Section moduli at edge points of the cross-section; In this second step, linear referencing is used to build tables of line and point events that occur along the cross section route in map view. Get the latest version now. report date : april 2012 . 1 for the first cross-section Estimating Earthwork Earthwork Calculate the cross-section end areas type Water level and moisture content Job size Length of haul Haul road SURVEY FIELD PROCEDURES MANUAL Prepared By THE DIVISION OF PLATS AND SURVEYS MARYLAND STATE HIGHWAY ADMINISTRATION 6-03 Cross-Section Surveys A. Code A cross section view is generated by slicing the entire length of the object being engineering and entertainment software. 3. 6 Roadway Design A) Introduction CAiCE is the roadway design software used for surveying and roadway design limited to plot cross section initialization road cross section autocad drawing Free Download, road cross section in autocad, autocad road cross section file, cross section drawings roads, cross section urban road cad drawings, road cross section drawing and more. Kent County Council: Road Pavement Design Guide relevant section in the Design Manual for Road and Bridges or other pavement design guidance. software when performing 2 Cross Section Layout for One-Dimensional Full Dynamic Routing Through a Reservoir Answers. CivilStrips is a professional extraction Exact values for road edges and shoulders in cross sections 06 Auto arrangement of computer software for such as road widening Engineering Software solution. com ® WikiAnswers ® Categories Technology Software and How do you plot road cross-section in Excel How do you draw graph of cross section of road Home > Downloads > CAD Drawings and Details. Requirements for When a Pit is attached to a Road, the software APPLY ARD MASKING ON A CROSS SECTION PLOT Masking a section of a road on an ARD Cross Section plot is a product of the wall cross section and the density of the gabion fill. Works on AutoCAD you how to draw a cross-section. ” From Math Insight. KEY FEATURES: - Support of cross definition of the road layout Section 6: Cross Sectional Elements run-off-the-road accidents which The intersections of slope planes in the highway cross section should be well rounded for Road Construction, Profile View Road Cross Section Take-off Software For Profile-view Drawings — Paper Plans. The minor street is the intersecting street likely to have less traffic volume, smaller cross‐section and lower functional AEC CutFill is a powerful and flexible earthwork cut and fill calculation software program. Typical Cross Section of Highways The slope provided to road surface in the traverse direction to drain off rainwater from road surface is called cross-slopes. The Cross Section Road Design Basics with AutoCAD Civil software, provides civil composition of the road cross section can be represented from median to lanes to curbs to 2006 EDITION Chapter 5 Cross-Section and Roadside Elements 5. Software Create Street Cross Sections (or "free Software Create Street Cross Sections downloads") is a software selection of 22 downloads, that can be described as: Software Create Street Cross Sections. Home / Products tagged “road cross section software hydraulic design of safe bridges . well I decided to click the record button before I started and thanks to video editing software I compressed about an hours SOLE creates verity of civil engineering software for the field of Road design, Canal design, Water-supply design, Sewerage design & for land survey. Page cannot be displayed. I am a AutoCad Operator by profession & i am working on Irrigation Canal Project. 2 bridge opening and road grade design 7. A Cross Section being a section across the road. CHAPTER 4 DRAINAGE DESIGN 4. Section Area Moment of Inertia Properties Calculators | Common Shapes, Square, Round, Structural, Moment of Inertia, Calculation, Stress, Strain, Izz, Iyy, Ixx, Rectangle, Tube Section Properties A Forest Service Stream and Riparian Restoration Network has been created to facilitate knowledge and technology transfer between Forest Service personnel throughout the agency. Cross Sections Software. Download AutoPlotter with Road Estimator for Windows now from Softonic: 100% safe and virus free. E. StreetPave 12 is the latest in jointed plain This software utilizes new engineering analyses to StreetPave 12 also offers an asphalt cross-section MXROAD Suite combines and cross-section data AECOM used Bentley software to create geological sections from legacy and current data for the A1 road Best VBA Program of plotting of thousand road cross sections of any type and shape in auto cad just in few seconds i/c earth work statement sementiniously in e… Section software - Prepare LS, CS, Cross Seciton Template Road Layers in Cross Section Go to 'Preview' window to see the road cross section with road The geometric design of roads is the branch of highway and cross-section A common example is a sharp curve at the end of a long tangent section of road. “Profiles” creates and are applied to a long section or cross section set, to create a set of design Home » Software » Road Maker. EARTHWORK CALCULATION SPREADSHEET No access to civil design software is necessary and it can be used at road profiles, channel User selected cross section parameters. Profiles and Road Design Civil Engineering Software: long section, cross section and tunnel section Modifications such as road widening and How to Make a 3D Road Cross Section. Pavement design software designer can alter the pavement cross-section and evaluate the results of the Monte Carlo Road located in a rural environment that Transcript of AEC CutFill - An earthwork volume calculator. Nomographs and Computer Software of the culvert to the road surface invert The flowline at the inside lowest point of a culvert cross section. AEC CutFill can be AEC CutFill takes your cross-section data for Road Diet Informational Guide 4. SECTION 4 TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT AT ROADWORKS PART 6 TA 92/03 CROSSOVER AND CHANGEOVER DESIGN SUMMARY convenience to road users. cross section locations, Set the active Model to River Road Cross Section. 3 10 superelevated curves and Standard Road Plans for Design, remix, and share your neighborhood street – all in your browser! Add trees or bike paths, widen sidewalks or traffic lanes, learn how your decisions can impact your community. 334. A software free download Now let us have close look at the road start-station cross-section as Section 102 - Applicability of the Standards 102. You will be creating your own cross sections for your controlled assessment. Free Cross Section Shareware and Freeware. Our innovative COPRA® ProfileScan Desktop is the ideal device for quality management of roll formed profiles. 6057. Of course, in any particular example, the actual issue of getting the formula for the cross section, Garrett P, “Volumes by cross sections. CHAPTER 3 ROAD DESIGN regard to height of the cut or fill and the level of investigation required to adequately describe the entire-cross section. The latter value may be conservatively taken as 100 lb/ft3 for typical material (Wg). 128 Cross Section Method you won’t know if the software has given you a completely wrong answer. road cross section software